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What do you expect from a job? Rewarding experience, salary, skill development, stability, a good work-life balance, social contribution… There are many possible answers, and no single one is “correct.” While the goal of a job search or job change is a job offer, once you get the job, you spend most of the day and life at work. So, I would like you to think about it carefully.
And please consider pump manufacturing as one of your options. We are a modest industry within the Business-to-Business sphere and we do not advertise very much, so unfortunately we are not very well known. However, pump manufacturing is a very interesting job. Like the human heart, they are not visible from the outside, but they are always moving, and if they stop it can cause serious problems. For example, when you open a faucet, water comes out because pumps behind the scenes carry water. Pumps are also needed in power plants that produce electricity. Pumps drain rainwater during heavy rains, preventing rivers from overflowing. On the other hand, the large number of pumps in use and their long operating hours mean that they consume a lot of energy. It is said that pumps consume about 30% of the electricity produced in Japan. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption of the pumps we manufacture will help save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Safety, security, and energy conservation. I believe that this job is worth devoting one’s life to, because it provides the solutions that societies need.
More interestingly, this job allows you to work globally. Especially in emerging countries, the population is continuously increasing and urbanization is progressing. As these countries continue to develop, water and electricity will be essential infrastructure, and highly reliable, highly efficient, and highly performing pumps will be in demand. There are only few manufacturers in the world that can manufacture such pumps. Torishima is one of them, having delivered pumps to more than 100 countries around the world. Today, approximately 50% of our sales are overseas, and we are active in many countries around the world.
To achieve further growth in the future, the company needs to regenerate like the human body. So we are looking for fresh power, energy, and blood like yourself. I am confident that you will provide a wonderful stimulus to the company. Torishima has many international staff members. We value all culture and customs, and provide a comfortable working environment for everyone.

imgIn 2019, we celebrated our 100th anniversary and opened the door to our 101st year. We will protect the wonderful assets we have inherited from our predecessors, and change what needs to be changed to meet the needs of the times. Just as the Japanese government is leading work-style reforms, we at Torishima are seriously changing both hardware and software based on the concept of “Making Changes a Norm.” In 2021, the new headquarters plant building was completed. We constructed an environment where information and communication is open and everyone can work comfortably. If you are thinking, “That sounds interesting, I want to work for a company like this,” then we are looking forward to meeting you.

Kotaro Harada
President and CEO

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