Vertical mixed-flow multistage pump with canister


The Torishima MMTV is a vertical mixed-flow multistage pump with canister, mainly applied as a condensate pump in power plants.

The high pressure vertical canister pump presents significant advantage inthose cases where limited suction head is available. This applies particularly in the case of condensers in power stations, desalination plants and other pipeline pumping applications. The canister serves as a suction receiver, and
by adding the length to the canister / pump, advantage suction head can be provided to ensure trouble-free operation.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 490m / up to 1,568ft
Pressure up to 3.9MPa / up to 565psi
Capacity up to 2,900m³/h / up to 12,760USgpm
Temperature up to 200°C / 392°F
Size 40 to 400mm


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MMTV Catalog
MMTV(Vertical mixed-flow multistage pump with canister)

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